About Us

AGnVET Services Group is a leading Australian owned independent agribusiness that provides rural supplies and specialist services across Eastern Australia.

Established in Forbes, NSW in 1915, today we have over 60 branches and 80 specialist advisors in agronomy and animal production, strategically located throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania through various local iconic brands including AGnVET Services, I K Caldwell, The Wheelhouse Group, Polycon Engineering, AGnVET Rural and specialist water and irrigation business Darling Irrigation.

The AGnVET Services network is based in the broadacre cropping, irrigation and mixed farming areas across NSW, with specialist advisors in agronomy and animal health strategically located throughout the branch network.

I K Caldwell has branches in Northern Victoria and the Southern Riverina regions.

Darling Irrigation specialises in water use efficiency and advanced irrigation services in the mining, agricultural, industrial, government and civil industries across Eastern Australia.

Wheelhouse Group are major suppliers of fertiliser, gypsum, lime and blending facilities in Central Victoria.

Polycon Engineering located in the heart of the Goulburn – Murray Irrigation district in Victoria specialise in the manufacture and sale of polyethylene (PE) pipe fittings for water and irrigation supply systems.

AGnVET RURAL outlets are strategically positioned across North West NSW and Central and Far North Queensland.

For further information please visit our website at www.agnvet.com.au




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